OuiSi: Games of Visual Connection (Pay-What-You-Want pdf)

OuiSi: Games of Visual Connection (Pay-What-You-Want pdf)

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We are running out of physical copies of OuiSi to sell! And, we know this will be a great game and activity set for home, especially during this pandemic. Therefore, we want to make a digital form of OuiSi available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

We've made our OuiSi pdf "pay what you want." If free is best for you and your family, free is truly okay with us. And, if you are able to pay a few dollars, we would be incredibly grateful. We've defaulted the price to $5, but to change that select "Add to Cart" and modify the price on the cart page.

We plan on adding new games and activities for your pdf as they come, so please sign up for our newsletter (during checkout, or at the bottom of this page). We hope you enjoy the pdf. And, find us on social media (@playouisi), where we plan on hosting live demos and Q&As.

What you need to know!

Quality: Nothing beats our actual physical photo cards in terms of quality (thickness, print quality, durability, etc). But this printout will still provide a terrific experience.

Printing: You'll need access to a printer, ideally a color one. If you head to a printer, expect to pay $10ish for color copies (in this case, we recommend printing only the photo cards in color). If you print in black and white, you will lose the ability to make color-based visual connections. That said, you will still have pattern, shape, photo composition, context (e.g. lock and keys), and grayscale!

Sharing & Legal: By purchasing (for $0 or more) this OuiSi pdf, you are downloading a personal copy for you and your family only. For virtual classrooms, we ask teachers to have parents download their own copies. Please don't post the pdf anywhere, but please feel free to share a link to this page. You may not use this pdf for commercial purposes. Yep, this is full on honor code in effect.