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We believe that "everything is connected" and that life is a richer experience when we are curious about ourselves, one another, and the world around us. 

The power of inquiry

For Trevor MacKenzie, inquiry-based learning is not just a teaching method—it's a movement. 

As an experienced Teacher, Author, Keynote Speaker and Inquiry Consultant, Trevor's passion is supporting schools in implementing inquiry-based learning practices. He is a highly regarded speaker known for his heartfelt storytelling, kind demeanour, and student-first philosophy.  

Trevor's other passion is collaboration, and we've teamed up to inspire educators and students alike to embrace curiosity and inquiry into every lesson. 

Both OuiSi and Trevor share a deep passion for curiosity and inquiry based experiences. Together "we see" the incredible potential of Trevor’s methods to revolutionize classrooms and believe that OuiSi can be used as a powerful tool to aid in this process.

Connecting with OuiSi

Visual connections are inclusive and engaging regardless of age, background, or spoken language. OuiSi Photo Card games are all about making connections. Each set is adaptive and accessible,  making them an ideal fit for science, math, art, literacy, and numerious other areas of learning. OuiSi is also an excellent tool for inquiry provocations within a variety of grade levels.

"We use OuiSi for writing time - for example, using adjectives to describe the cards. We also use OuiSi for math as we look for similar patterns." 
- Shannon S.

OuiSi in the classroom

Enhance your classroom experience with the power of inquiry. Order your OuiSi Photo Card sets now and unlock a world of creativity, connection, and discovery for your students. 

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Also, check out our free downloadable teaching resources containing Lesson Plans and Student Worksheets. 

Explore OuiSi Photo Card sets

OuiSi Original celebrates the small marvels of the "everyday", like an interesting crack in the sidewalk or a bright fire hydrant. OuiSi Original lends itself well to most types of curriculum, skillsets, and classrooms. 

OuiSi Nature explores the patterns, colors, and shapes that only the planet can create. Featuring the brilliant work of 16 photographers from around the world, OuiSi Nature helps players connect with the Earth and eachother.  

What Educators are saying about OuiSi


Break Routines

Love it. Use it as school with students weekly -if not daily. Throw it into the mix at home to break routines. Thank you!

Casey P.

OuiSi Nature


Art Class Activities

My 8th grade art students enjoyed playing the connections game, then asked if they could sort all the cards by color! They raved about the interesting photos. I love everything about this...even all alone, it’s fun to sort through, like my grandmas button box

Deana E.

OuiSi Original


In a Class of its Own

A superb “game” to play with children, or adults! The intention, and care, shown by the creators of OuiSi is very apparent. I have played it at least a dozen times, with people of all ages, and it’s always delightful. In my experience as a mother, a grandmother, and an educator, I can say with assurance that OuiSi stands in a class by itself. Thanks you sincerely for giving us this intelligent, high quality activity that spurs creative thinking!! Well done!

Carol M.

OuiSi Original


Fantastic Classroom tool

This is a fantastic classroom tool. I have used this conducting teacher training as well as in my own classroom. It is very engaging to both students and adults and I love all the game examples included in the guidebook that is included. It was a wonderful entry event for the teachers and really helps students see connections better in nature. I highly recommend this product.

Todd L.

OuiSi Original


Collaboration & Connection

My middle school students LOVE this game! Groups of kids that wouldn’t normally want to work together are more than willing to connect over these beautiful cards. Thank you, OuiSi!

Abby L.

OuiSi Original


Wide Range of Activities!

I’ve been using OuiSi in my classroom for less than a week and I and my students—4K through Grade 12– absolutely LOVE it. In this photo, one of my more difficult students spent the entire class period laying out all of the cards just to see all of the images. The range of games/activities that can be done with the cards is amazing. I have 2 sets of each version and am just in awe of their beauty. THANK YOU!!!

Laura D.

OuiSi Original + OuiSi Nature


SLP Skills + Play

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I absolutely love this game! I can teach language skills as we play. I can target how pictures go together by colors, shape, function, and so much more. My 8 and 10 year old immediately wanted to play this as soon as they saw it! 

Ashley W.

OuiSi Original


Cultivating curiosity

OuiSi is thrilled about the upcoming release of Trevor MacKenzie's latest book, Inquiry Mindset: Questions Edition.

In this groundbreaking work, Trevor delves deeper into the core principles of inquiry based learning providing educators with valuable insights and actionable techniques. Enhance your teaching toolkit with this essential resource. 

For details and pre-order information click here or sign up below.

The origin of OuiSi

In January 2020, OuiSi's first Photo Card set, now known as OuiSi Original, was launched on Our excitement about launching OuiSi was soon overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which quickly spread around the world in the months to come. While we were all subject to various forms of lockdown and quarantine restrictions, OuiSi was still able to make its way to people's homes, thanks to front-line workers across the supply chain. 
During this unprecedented period of uncertainty and isolation, we were happy to hear from customers that OuiSi provided a way to connect with their children (and grandchildren), engaging them with fun and mindful offline activities at home. By the end of the year, OuiSi had been embraced by over 19,000 customers with an average rating of 4.7/5. We knew we were creating something helpful and important that was truly cherished. We had to keep going...and growing.


Nurturing nature

Building upon OuiSi Original's positive reception, we set out to build our next set. Because OuiSi Original focused on capturing the marvels of the "everyday" in an urban environment, we wanted to offer an exploration into the vastness of nature and celebrate the beauty of our planet. 

Also, we recognized that OuiSi has an opportunity to shine a light on ideas and issues that are important to all of us. So, we partnered with nature and wildlife photographers from around the world who all had a passion for conservation and the protection of planet Earth. 

Want to learn more? 

Find out how OuiSi can benefit your classroom? 

Send us an email at to connect. We're happy provide additional information or hop on a call to explore your needs. 

With OuiSi, every lesson becomes an opportunity for exploration, connection, and growth. Join the OuiSi community today and transform the way you teach and inspire students!

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