Photo cards spread out like a dominoes board. Each card visually connects with the card next door.
Photo cards piled and spread out; guidebook on right, box at top; overhead shot
OuiSi spread out on a coffee table
Elementary students playing OuiSi mindfully and creatively.
Father and six-year old daughter playing OuiSi at kitchen table.
Close up side-angle shot of OuiSi game box
OuiSi guidebook open on coffee table, with cards all around.
Grandmother and grandson playing OuiSi at kitchen table. Mindful and creative.
A writing book open with photo cards on top
5x5 board of OuiSi photo cards, with a hand in the upper left and lower right, playing OuiSi.
OuiSi photo card with a picture of a red flower that matches the color of an ottoman in the background.
Using OuiSi photo cards as inspiration for a quick drawing of Bob Ross! Imaginative and creative.

OuiSi: Games of Visual Connection

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I see. You see. OuiSi!

OuiSi ("we-see") is a set of 210 visually-connecting photo cards, with games and activities that foster creativity, build mindfulness and ignite wonder.  💫

Each lush photo card connects visually with other cards in the deck, based on similar patterns, shapes, colors - really, anything you can imagine. For example, the shapes of the foot and hydrant below are similar. Thousands of visual connections are waiting to be found, each providing a wonderful "aha!" moment. That's the magic inside each box.

The name of this inventive set of photo cards is “yes-yes” in French and Spanish, pronounced “we-see” in English. Fun, isn’t it? It’s a nod to our belief that pictures are a language almost all of us speak, regardless of age or background.

“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.” - Dr. Seuss

Inside the box

On top of the 210 lush, 3”x3” extra-thick photo cards (kind of like stacks of polaroids), you’ll find inside OuiSi:

  • Instructions for seven creative activities like OuiSi Storyboarding, Eye Spy and Dominoes (OuiSinoes!). Playable solo or cooperatively (ages 4 and up).
  • Instructions for two competitive games that demand visual acuity and strategic thinking (ages 10 and up).
  • A guide to open-ended play and learning, and one for mindfulness.

For more info about the cards and the guides, visit our FAQs page.

"As someone who is highly visual, I'm excited to play this game." - SwissMiss Design Blog

How does OuiSi work?

First, you'll want to get the hang of visually connecting. Grab a bunch of cards and turn them photo up. Start looking for cards that look a bit like each other. Maybe the photo card of the baby's foot looks like the cactus or the hydrant. Or maybe it's as simple as two cards that both have a lot of pink. Start placing photo cards that connect side by side. After a while, try stringing a few matches together, like the series below. 

Once you have a feel for connecting visually, go through the guidebook and try out the games and activities, depending on age (4+ or 10+) and the kind of play you want (i.e. competitive, creative and/or collaborative).

Igniting young minds through connection...

It's exciting when the kids in our lives share with us something that they've seen in a different light. It's their unique perspective, creativity and empathy shining through. And now we’re realizing that these abilities (selfie-taking didn't make the cut) are what our children need to thrive in an uncertain future. OuiSi can help build these muscles.

OuiSi is fun and intuitive for kids, and parents will love the flexibility, creativity and durability of the photo cards and activities. And, you can lose or damage a few cards and it won’t affect the playability of the games.

"To pull these out of a bag - and feel good about it - is just a win-win for moms and dads." - Chris S., documentarian and mom

...Expanding adult minds too

But OuiSi isn't JUST for kids. Families and friends will find games engaging regardless of age. OuiSi's photo connections exercise the brain, invite conversation and provide hours of surprising delight.

"I ordered this on a whim and it has been such a HUGE hit for my family that I've ordered it for others as well. My 5 year-old loves the game (and other freeform play with the cards) as much as my 66 year-old mother." - Georgia, writer and mom

About the photos

All photography is original and mostly taken in New York City. The photos themselves capture the small marvels found everyday, from a crushed pop can to a sidewalk puddle. Purposefully, each card is an invite to set down your tech gadgets and notice your own marvelous, everyday world.

"The quality is fantastic...the photos are so well done, the cards are sturdy, the packaging is minimalistic and attractive. There are so many options for how to use the game." - Angie C., mom

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