OuiSi Connecting Photo Cards
OuiSi Connecting Photo Cards
OuiSi Connecting Photo Cards
OuiSi Connecting Photo Cards
OuiSi Connecting Photo Cards
OuiSi Connecting Photo Cards
OuiSi Connecting Photo Cards
OuiSi Connecting Photo Cards

OuiSi Connecting Photo Cards

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To celebrate the launch of our store, our price includes free shipping in the US and Canada, and $10 to the EU. For multiple copies, see checkout codes below.

What is OuiSI?

OuiSi is a set of 210 connecting photo cards, with games and activities that foster creativity, build mindfulness and ignite wonder.

The connections are the magic inside OuiSi. Each lush photo card matches visually with other cards in the deck based on similar patterns, shapes, colors, compositions and even concepts. There are a myriad of exciting connections waiting to be found. And as you play, your brain will start to look for connections in your actual surroundings, too, not just inside the deck.

Inside the box

  • Instructions for creative activities like Storyboarding, Dominoes and I Spy. Playable solo or cooperatively.
  • Instructions for competitive games (ages 10+) that demand visual acuity and strategic thinking.
  • Suggestions for unconstrained play and learning.
  • A guide to mindfulness, using the cards.

Who is this for?

OuiSi is fun and intuitive for kids, and parents will love the flexibility, creativity and durability of the cards and activities. But OuiSi isn't JUST for kids. Families and friends will find games competitive regardless of age (just don't be surprised when you lose to your ten-year-old).

About the photos

All photography is original and mostly taken in New York City. The photos themselves capture the small marvels found everyday, from a crushed pop can to a sidewalk puddle. Purposefully, each card is an invitation to set down your tech gadgets and notice your own marvelous, everyday world.

Why call it OuiSi?

OuiSi translates into “yes yes” in French and Spanish and is pronounced “we see” in English. It’s a nod to one of our core beliefs: that pictures are a language almost all of us speak, regardless of age or background.

We built OuiSi to celebrate this globally shared language, and to create an invitation to notice the small wonders of everyday life.


"To be able to pull these out of a bag - and to feel good about it - is just a win-win for moms and dads." - Chris S., documentarian and mom

"My students LOVE it! They learned to think outside the box, how to collaborate with others, build on another person's card, etc. They can't wait to play again." - Robert C., teacher

"As someone who is highly visual, I'm excited to play this game." - SwissMiss Design Blog

"The images themselves just suggest combination. I can't think of a greater initial success for a game than evoking the spirit of play." - Pete W., parent

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  • 5OFF3OUISI ($5 off each copy when purchasing 3 or more)
  • 10OFF10OUISI ($10 off each copy when purchasing 10 or more).