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OuiSi.co is a home for visual games, play and conversations that encourage connection with each other and our marvelous, everyday world.

In this spirit, we made a set of visually-connecting photo cards called OuiSi ("we-see"). It includes games and activities that foster creativity, build mindfulness and ignite wonder. Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun, regardless of age.


“As someone who is highly visual, I am excited to play this game.”

SwissMiss Design Blog

"To be able to pull these out of a bag - and to feel good about it - is just a win-win for moms and dads."

Chris S, documentarian and mom

"My students LOVE it! They learned to think outside the box, how to collaborate with others, build on another person's card, etc. They can't wait to play again."

Rob C., teacher

"The images themselves just suggest combination. I can't think of a greater initial success for a game than evoking the spirit of play."

Pete W., boardgamer and dad
Father and six-year-old daughter playing OuiSi at the kitchen table.

Why we made OuiSi

A classroom playing a game of OuiSi. Collaborating, co-creating and starting good conversations about "how" they each see..

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