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OuiSi makes award-winning sets of Visually Connecting Photo Cards – "this looks like that" – with a Guidebook full of games that ignite fun, creativity and curiosity, regardless of age.

OuiSi is enjoyed by multigenerational families, teachers, therapists and dementia caregivers alike.

Creativity & curiosity

Playable solo or in groups of 2-12 people AND with a dozen ways to play, OuiSi is both flexible and adaptable.

Each Photo Card is an invitation to be curious about what a player sees. Each Visual Connection between Photo Cards – "this looks like that" – is an opportunity to share creativity.

which set will you get?

play each set solo, or combine them!

How to play


Photo Cards "Visually Connect" based on shared patterns, shapes and colors, like the varying stripes shown here. Visual Connections don't get easier with age...in fact, don't be surprised when kids see a Visual Connection that you miss.

optional online learning portals

Scan the QR CODE!

OuiSi Photo Cards invite curiosity through clever crops that focus on specific visual features. With OuiSi Nature and OuiSi Getty, now you can scan the QR code on each cardback to explore online what you see!

That said, both sets can easily be enjoyed offline without using the QR codes.

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Screen Breaks

OuiSi is a calming invite to put down tech gadgets and interact.

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Packages ship from over 20 US warehouses and arrive in 3-7 days.

Common Questions

In the sturdy and beautiful box you'll find 210 Photo Cards and a Guidebook full of a dozen creative games and activities. The Photo Cards are beautifully printed on extra thick card stock, making them easier to pick up and more durable.

All sets are playable standalone, or they can be combined (don't forget you get 20% off any 2 sets).

OuiSi Original captures unexpected beauty in the "everyday," like the pattern of a crack in a sidewalk. If players especially enjoy the element of surprise, they'll enjoy the subtlety of OuiSi Original.

OuiSi Nature is perfect for...nature lovers! We worked with 16 nature photographers from around the world, each with a unique environmental focus. Along with the novel QR codes, it's an incredible way to discover the beauty of our planet from home.

OuiSi x Getty will especially delight art lovers. Each Photo Cards captures an artistic element of an artwork from The Getty Museum. The QR codes unique to each Photo Card link to the art page at www.getty.edu.

Ordering 10 or more sets (e.g., schools or corporate gifts)? Reach out to us at info@ouisi.co for a custom quote.

We also have discounts for teachers. Email us at info@ouisi.co and we'll get you a code!

SHIPPING: OuiSi games ship from a variety of warehouses across the US. We offer free standard shipping in the contiguous US. We have to charge shipping to Hawaii and Alaska due to the exorbitant fees we incur.

RETURNS: If a product gets damaged or was faulty upon a delivery, we offer a 100% refund. Otherwise, to be eligible for a return the games must be returned to us undamaged.

OuiSinoes (we-see-nose): Make Visual Connections between Photo Cards in the style of dominoes. Each Photo Card must Visually Connect with each and every Photo Card it touched by a new placement. Play collaboratively and relaxed, or find a competitive version in the Guidebook.

OuiSi Imaginate: Using a little imagination, each card in the deck looks like something else. It’s kind of like finding things when staring at clouds (“that cloud looks like an elephant!”).

OuiSi Storybuilder: Choose Photo Cards as prompts to craft your next written or verbal adventure. Use the Imaginate activity to come up with ideas from each Photo Card. Stories can be created on your own or with friends.

OuiSi Scavenger: Explore your world for real-life Visual Connections using the Photo Cards as prompts. Scavenger is great for mindfulness, photographers and for curious kids!

OuiSi Draw: This activity turns the spark of a Photo Card into a full- blown drawing. This activity can be played in a number of ways, with others or on your own.

OuiSi Megamal (OuiSi Nature only): Make your own imaginary creature (a “Megamal!”) using different features, shapes and colors found on the Photo Cards. Each Megamal will have it's own abilities and characteristics based on what you add.

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