OuiSi is about


We believe that "everything is connected" and that life is a richer experience when we are curious about ourselves, one another, and the world around us. We are passionate about conversation, co-creation, and open-ended play. 

What's in a name?

OuiSi is pronounced “We-See” in English, which is a nod to the notion of sharing perspectives and seeing the world together. 

OuiSi itself translates into “Yes Yes” in French and Spanish (and a number of other languages). The name OuiSi celebrates the language of pictures, one that almost all of us speak globally, regardless of where we are from. 

Now, here's a little background on where we're coming from...

There's an app for that

After years of development and design, the OuiSi concept first came to life as an app in 2017. You can learn more about the genesis of the idea here. We believed (and still do!) that our tech gadgets could be better used as tools for community and creativity, rather than as simple screen destinations and distractions. We learned a lot from building this app and from the feedback from our dedicated users. We eventually paused app development to make way for a new form of OuiSi (see next section), but we hope to relaunch a new app in the not-so-distant future. We'll provide ongoing updates in our newsletter. Feel free to join below!

Kicking into gear

The idea of creating a physical version of OuiSi was always in the back of our minds, as early as 2015. Finally, in early 2019, we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to build our vision of a physical version of OuiSi. With the help of our early supporters, we found a great manufacturing partner and got to work using a beautiful collection of photographs, mostly taken in and around New York City by Paul and Kaz.

The origin of OuiSi Original

In January 2020, OuiSi's first Photo Card set, now known as OuiSi Original, was launched on ouisi.co. Our excitement about launching OuiSi was soon overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which quickly spread around the world in the months to come. While we were all subject to various forms of lockdown and quarantine restrictions, OuiSi was still able to make its way to people's homes, thanks to front-line workers across the supply chain. 
During this unprecedented period of uncertainty and isolation, we were happy to hear from customers that OuiSi provided a way to connect with their children (and grandchildren), engaging them with fun and mindful offline activities at home. By the end of the year, OuiSi had been embraced by over 19,000 customers with an average rating of 4.7/5. We knew we were creating something helpful and important that was truly cherished. We had to keep going...and growing.


Nurturing nature

Building upon OuiSi Original's positive reception, we set out to build our next set. Because OuiSi Original focused on capturing the marvels of the "everyday" in an urban environment, we wanted to offer an exploration into the vastness of nature and celebrate the beauty of our planet. 

Also, we recognized that OuiSi has an opportunity to shine a light on ideas and issues that are important to all of us. So, we partnered with nature and wildlife photographers from around the world who all had a passion for conservation and the protection of planet Earth. 
Although we are deeply committed to the physical and tactile form factor of OuiSi sets, we wanted to add an additional digital element of discovery to the experience. We decided to add QR codes to the backs of all the OuiSi Nature photo cards that link to OuiSi Go - an online learning portal that we built in-house. Here you can learn more about the photographs (subject, species, location, etc.) and the photographers too. 

We were able to get our OuiSi Nature sets to customers in early 2022 despite a number of supply chain issues at ports in the US (again largely due to Covid). 

Here is our press release from our OuiSi Nature launch. By the end of 2022, OuiSi sets had reached over 100,000 customers. And, to our humble delight, we maintained our customer rating of 4.7/5. 

We were also honored with some toy industry awards for both OuiSi Original and OuiSi Nature.

Where art collections meet visual connections

In 2022, our retail partners at the J. Paul Getty Museum were intrigued by the fact that OuiSi Original had been selling out at the Gift Stores at the Getty Center and Getty Villa. Then, they approached us about doing a product collaboration together. We were immediately humbled and excited. Then we got to work researching Getty's vast photo database of artwork to select 210 images with specific artistic elements, like the vibrant green stripes in Van Gogh’s Irises painting. The images were also chosen to highlight the repetition of basic elements found in art.  Details about each artwork can be found at Getty.edu, easily accessed from a QR code on the back of each Art Card.
OuiSi x Getty was officially launched in April 2023, both online and across the J. Paul Getty Museum campus. Check out our press release and blog post about the launch. Later that spring, we were nominated for New Product of the Year at the Museum Store Association's annual convention. 

By the end of 2023, we had sold out of OuiSi x Getty and it was continuing our customer rating of 4.7/5. OuiSi has now reached over 175,000 customers across the US. 


Teamwork makes the dream work

We are a small business based in Upstate New York, with team members located in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Our warehouse network spans the US and we also have a warehouse in the UK (and soon the EU too). We've been supported by countless friends and have worked with many talented designers, coders, and writers along the way. Meet some of our key team members below:
Founders & Leadership Team
Paul Brillinger
Founder & CEO


Paul is a NY-based photographer/maker focused on enabling co-creation, play and mindfulness in our world. He has mathematics degrees from both the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto and spent the first 15 years of his career as a trader and investor at major institutions and hedge funds, in both Boston and New York. That said, Paul has spent more and more of his life dedicated to creative pursuits. You'll find him working away on his laptop in one of NYC's many cafes, taking in as many plays and concerts as possible, or exploring the lesser-known pockets and streets of New York.
Kaz Brecher
Co-founder & Consultant


As the daughter of two rocket scientists, Kaz founded Curious Catalyst to marry investigation with action, bringing a new take to the business of social impact through her experience in agile approaches. Kaz has a background across media platforms, and loves storytelling and communication in all forms. Kaz is a Stanford graduate, was Innovation Challenge Faculty at and a fellow of THNK School of Creative Leadership, and is a Certified Scrum Master.
Michael Bradley
Co-founder & COO


Mike is the Swiss army knife of team members. From OuiSi's early days, he has served as an advisor and mentor, joining the team more formally in Q2 2021. Mike studied Health Sciences at the University of Waterloo (where he met Paul). He then spent the first 20 years of his career in senior executive positions at tech and media companies, leading startups, holding positions on company boards, and working with numerous charities. That experience plus his big heart, make him a welcome and critical member of Team OuiSi.
Operations, Community, Content & Growth Team
Jacqueline Lovrics
Community & Customer
Success Lead


Jacqueline (aka: Jac or Jacqui) is the consummate people person and the internal champion for our customers. After receiving her BA and BEd from Queens University, Jac went on to spend the first part of her career as a teacher in K-12 classrooms around the world (Australia, UK, and Ghana). She also worked as a private caregiver and tutor for a family office, and has held numerous positions in the hospitality industry. Jacqueline wears many hats, including running our Customer Support & Success efforts, our Community building initiatives, and our programs for wholesale distribution and the education sector. When not engaging with OuiSi's customers or partners, you can find Jac on a long walk, at a baseball game, or playing beach volleyball.
Alyas Ali
VP, Growth &


Alyas (aka: Al) brings a rich background in digital strategy, marketing, business development, and operations, having worked with startups, scale-ups, and multinationals over the past 20 years in the media and telecommunications space. With a background in electrical engineering (B.Eng), he’s a curious and analytical problem solver. But, his true passion is working with the creative and education communities, building relationships and solving the problems of others. Now, he’s focused on understanding the needs of educators and helping them create transformative learning experiences leveraging OuiSi. When he’s not meeting with educators, you can find him walking his French bulldogs or cranking out epic rock ‘n roll covers with his band.
Jocelyn Paez


Jocelyn is a former elementary educator of 14 years who has a passion for fostering learning experiences through the application of design and systems thinking principles. Jocelyn’s incredible energy and pedagogical pedigree have been invaluable to OuiSi across various consulting capacities, from product development to content creation to partnership development. Jocelyn also works with schools, companies and organizations through her consulting firm, Connecting the Dots, to facilitate meaningful learning experiences. When Jocelyn isn’t innovating in the education sector you can find her working with re:loom (a Georgia-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing homelessness through job training programs) or on an epic camping adventure with her husband, three dogs and cat.
Advisory Committee
Dr. Lindsay Bradley
Primary Care Physician & Chief Medical Officer


Lindsay is a primary care physician at the Carleton University Sport Medicine Clinic and Ottawa Rehabilitation Centre. She completed a Bachelor of Health Science at McMaster University, attended medical school at the University of Ottawa, and received a CASEM diploma in Sport Medicine. She is a team physician for various collegiate, national, and professional sports teams, and has covered many major sporting competitions, including the Paralympics (2018) and Para PanAm Games (2019). She is currently the Chief Medical Officer for Team Canada at the Paris Paralympics (2024). She is the Program Chair of the Ontario Medical Association’s Section on Sport and Exercise Medicine and is one of the group’s representatives on the Canadian Concussion Collaborative. Lindsay is the Program Director for the Sport and Exercise Medicine Fellowship at the University of Ottawa where she is also an assistant professor. She is also an adjunct professor with the Health Sciences Department at Carleton University. Lindsay has a particular interest in the mental health of athletes at the varsity and National level and was part of the expert group that created the Mental Health Strategy for High Performance Sport in Canada. Lindsay sees OuiSi activities as potential tools for brain injury rehabilitation, mental health therapy, and team building at the highest levels. She has been a key thought partner and supporter in exploring OuiSi’s applications in health and wellness.
Jordan Donsky
Managing Partner, Donsky & Donsky Wealth Management


Jordan has been an advisor and friend to OuiSi for over 2 years. With a diverse background as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Business Management Consultant, and founder of multiple businesses, Jordan brings a unique perspective to building organizations with a profound purpose. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father, Jordan now manages the family’s renowned life insurance and wealth management practice, Donsky & Donsky Wealth Management. Jordan focuses on helping families, entrepreneurs, and professionals achieve financial wellness and security. He’s often looked to as the financial quarterback in people’s lives, coordinating with accountants, lawyers and other professionals. When he’s not working with clients on complex financial strategies, you can find Jordan on the tennis court or spending time with his young family (playing OuiSi of course).
Erica Curcio, MA, ATR
Art Therapist
(for people living with Dementia)


Erica is a compassionate and dedicated art therapist with a strong background in psychology. Specializing in using art as a therapeutic tool, she helps individuals explore their emotions, gain insight, and find healing through creative expression. With expertise in person-centered approaches, Erica creates a safe and supportive environment where clients can freely express themselves. She is particularly passionate about working with individuals living with dementia and developing specialized art therapy programs that promote cognitive stimulation and emotional well-being. Erica has been instrumental in helping OuiSi work with the dementia care community in creating activities that leverage Photo Cards sets as an engaging and non-competitive experience.
Important Acknowledgements
We believe that the best things in life are made possible through collaboration. To that end, we'd like to thank the following people who helped bring the joys of OuiSi to the app store: Jeff Puskar, Michael Mills, Phil Loden, John Baumgartner, Lynda Braun, Jimmy Chen, Oona Eager, Raquel Hernandez, Elana Iaciofano, Marek Mrowiec, Az Newman and all of our wonderful customers. We'd also like to thank Jill Ricker for sharing her incredible efforts and talents on some OuiSi Photo Card production design elements.

Contact us

OuiSi Inc. is located at 40 Buck Road, Stone Ridge, NY, 12484, with warehouses in the UK and across the US. We are available via email at info@ouisi.co for any inquiries (support, press, partnership or otherwise). Our commitment is to always respond within 1 business day.