About Us

Did you know that in 2015, more people globally died from selfie-taking accidents than shark attacks??? That's nuts. We are becoming lost in our phones, treating them as destinations rather than tools for real human connection. As a result, our culture and communications are suffering.

We believe that making real connection is the ultimate contribution, and our app OuiSi was the first expression of this calling. Now we've created OuiSi as a set of connecting photo cards, activities and games that encourage mindfulness, creativity and play. We are so excited and honored that you might bring OuiSi into your home.

Curious about "how" we think and see? Check out our blog called "How We See: A Blog on Connection." We write about anything "connection" related, from empathy to past artists/photographers exploring connection. Or, visit our social media pages (@playouisi) where we post photography based on OuiSi.


Who We Are

Paul Brillinger is focused on enabling better co-creation, play and mindfulness in the world around us. With mathematics degrees from both University of Waterloo and University of Toronto, he spent the first fourteen years of his professional life with a broad range of financial institutions. He is using his knowledge of investment design and systems resilience to springboard a personal movement towards building products and services that perform a social good.


As the daughter of two rocket scientists, Kaz Brecher founded Curious Catalyst to marry investigation with action, bringing a new take to the business of social impact through her experience in agile approaches. After years working with emerging technology platforms and solving larger cross disciplinary problems in the digital agency space, she earned her stripes in the start-up world, leading strategy, marketing and product development. She also has a background across media platforms, and loves storytelling and communication in all forms. Kaz is a Stanford graduate, was Innovation Challenge Faculty at and a fellow of THNK School of Creative Leadership, and is a Certified Scrum Master.


We believe that the best things in life are often made possible through collaboration. To that end, we'd like to thank the following people who helped bring the joys of OuiSi to the app store: Jeff Puskar, Michael Mills, Phil Loden, John Baumgartner, Lynda Braun, Jimmy Chen, Oona Eager, Raquel Hernandez, Elana Iaciofano, Marek Mrowiec, Az Newman and all of our diligent beta testers (you know who you are).