Teaching & Learning with OuiSi

There are so many ways to learn through play with OuiSi

Games of Visual Connection

OuiSi ("we-see") makes sets of Visually Connecting Photo Cards with activities and games that inspire creativity, curiosity, connection, and collaboration. OuiSi's universal appeal and accessible form factor has made it an indispensable teaching tool across subject areas in K - 12 classrooms and into post-secondary education.

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"Simple in design but profound in benefits, OuiSi brings the tools of visual learning to a game-based experience."

Robert G.

We couldn’t love this game more! The engagement of my kids is a delight to see. Their creativity and insights, all overflowing within 10 minutes of play.

Michelle M.

My students learned how to collaborate with others, offer suggestions and build on another person's card. They can't wait to play again.

Robert C.

I have a set at home and one for my classroom. Students are using the competitive format, their conversations are amazing! My own boys are making new games and rules.

Cindy K.

What's included in a set?

Inside every beautiful and sturdy box you'll find 210 Photo Cards and a Guidebook full of creative games and activities. 

Further, we have created Teaching Guides with sample Lesson Plans to help educators easily use OuiSi in the classroom (please see below). 

The Photo Cards are beautiful and durable, and it's okay to lose some or damage them without affecting playability. In fact, teachers can separate the set for multiple groups to use. 

The OuiSi Guidebook is full of activities to suit the needs of students. And, players and teachers often make up their own rules of play. There are infinite visual connections to make across games and activities!

Visual Connections

Have you noticed how often spirals appear in nature? We think of these moments as Visual Connections. They happen when things share similar patterns, shapes, colors - anything one can imagine!

Visual Connections are a powerful tool for us to explore subject areas and skill sets, from STEM and Visual Arts to Critical Thinking and Social-emotional Learning and beyond.  

"I'm using OuiSi with my students to sharpen visual and critical-thinking skills. My students LOVE this game." - Kate T.


Critical & abstract thinking

Through inquiry-based conversation, students can brainstorm, prototype and engage in design-thinking activities.

The QR codes on the back of OuiSi Nature enable further discovery and investigation.

Guidebook Activities: OuiSinoes, OuiSi Draw, Trainbuilder, Scavenger and Megamal

"The game encourages imaginative thinking, close observation and clear communication." 
- Josephine D.

Social-emotional Learning

Students connect with each other through creativity and discussion, creating opportunities for better understanding - the building blocks of empathy.

Activities: OuiSinoes, OuiSi Capture, Storybuilder, Imaginate, OuiSense and OuiFeel

"I teach social emotional skills to K-2 students. I use OuiSi for discussions about perspectives, making connections and more. My students love it!" 
- Rebekah B.



OuiSi develops language development through observation-based conversation. OuiSi can be integrated with neuro-typical students and those with learning differences, groups with varied reading and verbal skills, and English-language learners.

Activities: OuiSinoes, OuiSi Eye Spy, Storybuilder, OuiFeel and OuiFeel

"As an SLP, I love this game! I can teach language skills as we play. I can target how pictures go together by colors, shape, function, and so much more. My 8 and 10 year old immediately wanted to play this as soon as they saw it!" 
- Ashley W., MS CCC-SLP

Multidisciplinary and accessible

Visual Connections are inclusive and engaging, regardless of age, background or verbal language. The games are flexible and adaptive, making them a fit for science, math, art programs and compatible with curriculum standards.

"We use OuiSi for writing time - for example, using adjectives to describe the cards. We also use OuiSi for math as we look for similar patterns." 
- Shannon S.


Sample Teaching Guides (FREE)

Including Lesson Plans & Student Worksheets



Belonging & Diversity


Culture of Connection


Responsive Classroom





Language Arts: Storytelling


Visual Arts: Drawing


Science: Form & Function