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There are so many ways to learn through play with OuiSi

Games of Visual Connection

Visual Connections

Critical & abstract thinking

Social-emotional learning


Durable and flexible

Multidisciplinary and accessible

"We couldn’t love this game more! The engagement of my kids is a delight to see. Their creativity and insights, all overflowing within 10 minutes of play."

Michelle M., 9/3/2020

"My students learned how to collaborate with others, offer suggestions and build on another person's card. They can't wait to play again."

Robert C., 4/26/2020

"Simple in design but profound in benefits, OuiSi brings the tools of visual learning to a game-based experience."

Robert G., 5/2/2022

"I have a set at home and one for my classroom. Students are using the competitive format, their conversations are amazing! My own boys are making new games and rules."

Cindy K., 3/7/2020