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Inspire Creativity & Connection

Seeking a highly engaging educational tool that sparks curiosity, cultivates empathy, and propels collaborative exploration in your classroom? 

Enter OuiSi – your key to unlocking wonder, discovery & connection!

Making Visual Connections

Have you noticed how often spirals appear in nature? We think of these moments as Visual Connections. They happen when things share similar patterns, shapes, colors - anything one can imagine!

Visual Connections are a powerful tool for us to explore subject areas and skill sets, from STEM and Visual Arts to Critical Thinking and Social-emotional Learning and beyond.  

Explore OuiSi Sets


OuiSi Original

Celebrates the small marvels of the “everyday," like an interesting crack in a sidewalk or a bright fire hydrant. OuiSi Original lends itself well to most types of curriculum and skillsets, from mindfulness to math and beyond.

OuiSi Nature

Explores the patterns, colors and shapes that only our planet can create. 
Featuring the brilliant work of 16 nature and wildlife photographers from around the world, OuiSi Nature helps players connect with our natural environment and each other.

OuiSi x Getty (Art)

Reveals the world renowned collection of the Getty Museum through beautiful photography and open-ended games, allowing families to discover the museum over and over again through play.

What's Included?

  • Photo Cards: Each box contains 210 gorgeous and resilient Photo Cards that “visually connect” with one another
  • Guidebook: Each set contains a colorful Guidebook detailing multiple game types and ideas for open-ended play. 
  • Teacher Guides: Free downloadable teaching resources contain Lesson Plans and Student Worksheets

Loved by Teachers & Students Everywhere


Art Class Activities

My 8th grade art students enjoyed playing the connections game, then asked if they could sort all the cards by color! They raved about the interesting photos. I love everything about this...even all alone, it’s fun to sort through, like my grandmas button box.

Deana E.

OuiSi Original


SLP Skills + Play

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I absolutely love this game! I can teach language skills as we play. I can target how pictures go together by colors, shape, function, and so much more. My 8 and 10 year old immediately wanted to play this as soon as they saw it! 

Ashley W.

OuiSi Original


In a Class of its Own

A superb “game” to play with children, or adults! The intention, and care, shown by the creators is very apparent. I have played it at least a dozen times, with people of all ages, and it’s always delightful. In my experience as a mother, a grandmother, and an educator, I can say with assurance that OuiSi stands in a class by itself. Thanks you sincerely for giving us this intelligent, high quality activity that spurs creative thinking!! Well done!

Carol M.

OuiSi Original


Break Routines

Love it. Use it as school with students weekly -if not daily. Throw it into the mix at home to break routines. Thank you!

Casey P.

OuiSi Nature


Fantastic Classroom tool

This is a fantastic classroom tool. I have used this conducting teacher training as well as in my own classroom. It is very engaging to both students and adults and I love all the game examples included in the guidebook that is included. It was a wonderful entry event for the teachers and really helps students see connections better in nature. I highly recommend this product.

Todd L.

OuiSi Original


Wide Range of Activities!

I’ve been using OuiSi in my classroom for less than a week and I and my students—4K through Grade 12– absolutely LOVE it. In this photo, one of my more difficult students spent the entire class period laying out all of the cards just to see all of the images. The range of games/activities that can be done with the cards is amazing. I have 2 sets of each version and am just in awe of their beauty. THANK YOU!!!

Laura D.

OuiSi Original + OuiSi Nature


Collaboration & Connection

My middle school students LOVE this game! Groups of kids that wouldn’t normally want to work together are more than willing to connect over these beautiful cards. Thank you, OuiSi!

Abby L.

OuiSi Original

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Infinite Possibilities for Limitless Minds



  • Arts
  • Languages & ESL/ELL
  • Science 
  • Social Studies 
  • Technology 
  • Math & Numeracy

Multiple Skill Sets

  • Collaboration 
  • Creativity 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Executive Functioning 
  • Focus & Attention 
  • Social Emotional Learning

Many Ways to Play

  • Play solo, with partners, or in whole groups 

  • Guidebook offers suggestions for play 

  • Various Teacher Guides provide ample provocations for learning

Cross-curricular Appeal of OuiSi


Whether identifying similar colours, finding patterns, or linking themes, OuiSi Photo Cards prompt students to observe and creatively analyze the world as they see it.

Language Development

OuiSi is a catalyst for creative expression. The power of visual connection allows students to develop a deeper understanding of language patterns, and expression.


Experiments can be inspired by the natural elements captured in OuiSi Photo Cards. Students can also use QR codes in OuiSi Nature to learn more about these topics or use this technology as a precursor to researching skills.


This learning tool presents students with images they can associate with specific words or concepts, making it an excellent tool for introducing and reinforcing new vocabulary interactively and memorably.

An Excellent Tool for Provocation & Engagement

Visual Connections are inclusive and engaging, regardless of age, background or verbal language. The games are flexible and adaptive, making them a fit for science, math, and art programs.

"We use OuiSi for writing time - for example, using adjectives to describe the cards. We also use OuiSi for math as we look for similar patterns." 
- Shannon S.


Language Development

OuiSi aids language development through observation-based conversation. OuiSi can be integrated with groups of students with a wide variety of capabilities. Such as groups with varied reading and verbal skills,  as well as English-language learners.

Activities: OuiSinoes, OuiSi Eye Spy, Storybuilder, OuiFeel and OuiFeel

"As an SLP, I love this game! I can teach language skills as we play. I can target how pictures go together by colors, shape, function, and so much more. My 8 and 10 year old immediately wanted to play this as soon as they saw it!" 
- Ashley W., MS CCC-SLP

Multidisciplinary & Accessible

Critical Thinking

OuiSi helps students to express visual representations of their ideas, events, or elements within a subject matter. OuiSi Teacher Guides contain multiple activities that help build skills required for creating connections, problem solving, making rational decisions, and sharing and recieving information both verbally and non verbally. 

Social-emotional Learning (SEL)

Because OuiSi is entirely visual, it stimulates ideas, perspectives, and conversations. OuiSi also inspires divergent thinking, which aids in developing empathy skills.


The Photo Cards can serve as a resource for community-building and icebreaker activities at the beginning of a school year. It's also a great tool for writing prompts and brain breaks.

Focus & Attention

OuiSi helps students to develop their ability to identify visual connections by comparing objects found in their immediate surroundings with those in OuiSi Photo Card sets. The immersive nature of this activity helps build awareness for their surroundings and sustain focus.

Critical & Abstract Thinking

Through inquiry-based conversation, students can brainstorm, formulate ideas, and engage in design-thinking activities. OuiSi is also excellent for making connections, or as a provocation for introducing new units of inquiry.

The QR codes on the back of OuiSi Nature enable further discovery and investigation.

Activities: OuiSinoes, OuiSi Draw, Trainbuilder, Scavenger and Megamal

"The game encourages imaginative thinking, close observation and clear communication." 
- Josephine D.

Social Emotional Learning

Students connect with each other through creativity and discussion, creating opportunities for better understanding - the building blocks of empathy.

Activities: OuiSinoes, OuiSi Capture, Storybuilder, Imaginate, OuiSense and OuiFeel

"I teach social emotional skills to K-2 students. I use OuiSi for discussions about perspectives, making connections and more. My students love it!" 
- Rebekah B.


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Sample Teaching Guides (FREE)

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Belonging & Diversity


Culture of Connection


Responsive Classroom





Language Arts: Storytelling


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