OuiSi x Getty: Games of Visual Connection

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I see. You see. OuiSi The Getty!

OuiSi x Getty is a set of 210 Visually Connecting Photo Cards that celebrate the beauty of the J. Paul Getty Museum collection.

Each Photo Card captures a beautiful detail of an artwork or artifact. 210 works await discovery through play, from Van Gogh's Irises to works found in the deepest corners of the collection.

Two OuiSi x Getty Photo Cards matching based on their shapes.

To add a bit of magic, each Photo Card "matches" visually with many others in the set based on similar patterns, shapes and colors. Thousands of Visual Connections are waiting to be found, each offering a delightful "aha!" moment.

Four OuiSi x Getty Photo Cards matching based on their dot patterns.

Each Photo Card has a unique QR code on the back. If you're curious about the artwork and want the option to read more, scan the code with your phone or tablet. You'll be transported to a unique page at The Getty site dedicated to the artwork.OuiSi x Getty Photo Cards have unique QR codes. Flip the Photo Card over, scan the code and you'll visit a unique page for the artwork at www.getty.eduThe Photo Cards can be enjoyed at home or in the classroom. Or, grab a handful and head to the Getty Center or Getty Villa! The Guidebook has a bunch of ways you can explore ANY museum through play, igniting curiosity and creativity. 

Inside the box

On top of the 210 lush, 3”x3” extra-thick Photo Cards (like stacks of polaroids), you’ll find inside the gorgeous box:

  • Instructions for creative activities like OuiSinoes (visual dominoes), OuiSi Draw and OuiSi Storybuilder. Play solo or with others (ages 4+)
  • A guide to open-ended play and learning
  • Instructions for two mindfulness activities

You can also visit the OuiSi Go Page to discover more ways to play.Two OuiSi Photo Cards with matching stripes

Igniting young minds

OuiSi encourages collaboration, like building off another player's Photo Card or co-creating a web of Visual Connections. It also fosters critical and abstract thinking. "How does something connect?" or "what do you see here?" – these questions are building blocks for good conversation and plant seeds of general curiosity.

Two matching OuiSi x Getty Photo Cards with matching faces and composition.

Most important, OuiSi is FUN! Kids simply "get it" right away. Parents will love the flexibility of the Photo Cards and activities. In fact, you can lose or damage a few cards and it won’t affect the play of games.

Two OuiSi x Getty Photo Cards with similar colors of red, gold and white.

Real all-ages play

Families and friends will find the games and activities engaging regardless of age. That's because Visually Connecting isn't a skill that just improves with age. Visual Connections exercise the brain, invite conversation and provide hours of surprise and delight for all generations.

The best part for families? No fighting over rules or about who's winning or losing. It just doesn't happen in OuiSi.

Two OuiSi x Getty Photo Cards with similar shapes.

About the photos (and the name!)

All photography was captured by the marvelous archivists behind the lens at The Getty Museum. Team OuiSi was responsible for all the fun crops and rotations.

OuiSi – The name of this inventive set of Photo Cards – is “yes-yes” in French and Spanish/Italian, pronounced “we-see” in English. Fun, isn’t it? It’s a nod to a belief we share with The Getty, that pictures are a global language almost all of us speak.

Two OuiSi x Getty Photo Cards with similar rib patterns.

Awards and reviews for OuiSi games

Team OuiSi has won top honors from Tillywig Toys, Creative Child Magazine, Mom's Choice and the National Parent Product Awards. More important to us, however, are the reviews left by our customers. They tell the story of OuiSi better than we ever could.

OuiSi has won many awards for its novel gameplay.

OuiSi is an A+ member of the BBB of NY