Classroom Bundle

Classroom Bundle

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The combination of OuiSi Original and OuiSi Nature is the perfect teaching tool for a classroom of 20-30 students. On top of the usual features of each set, enjoy:

  • Enough Photo Cards for all students
  • Connections made between the planet and human-made objects
  • Digital lesson plans to employ on top of the 14 ways to play in the Guidebooks

And of course there are benefits you might not expect, like:

  • The different cardbacks by set make it easy to clean up and sort games back into boxes
  • Play can be self-directed, letting teachers focus on students needing a little extra help
  • If some Photo Cards get damaged, both sets remain quite playable.

The OuiSi Classroom Bundle can be enjoyed in week one, all the way through to the last day of school.